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Lymphatic Treatments for Women’s Health and Beauty

May 25, 2015 09:33AM

by Barbara Meza

Wellness practitioners may incorporate many complementary modalities into treatments, yet two that demonstrate very profound client improvement are lymphatic drainage and cupping therapies.

Why Focus on the Lymphatic System?

The human body’s ability to take in nourishment as water, air, food or information, digest and assimilate that which is needed, and excrete the rest is nothing short of spectacular. In the course of life, injury, illness or stress occur and burden the normal processes of the body. Interference with digestion and circulation often leads to a cycle of congestion, inflammation and pain. The lymphatic system’s fluid role in the transport of nutrients and waste and immune function makes it a focal point of health. With support to reduce inflammation and release congestion, the pain will ease.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Lymphatic drainage is a powerful technique employing a slow rhythmic touch and the application of gentle pressure approximating the weight of a nickel. The subtlety of the work is deceiving, as trapped fluids are circulated, reducing pain and congestion. The rhythmic motion of this technique is soothing and sedating to the nervous system. Deep relaxation offers relief from the chronic pain associated with Lyme disease and fibromyalgia and supports deep healing.

Lymphatic drainage can be used to relieve many difficulties, including: scar treatment; swelling of the legs or arms, lymphedema—swelling caused by lymphatic system blockage—after mastectomy or traumatic injury; local, chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract including asthma, sinusitis; joint inflammation including arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis; headaches and migraines; tender, swollen lymph nodes; frequent infections; digestive issues; and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Cupping Therapies

Therapeutic cupping uses negative pressure to gently lift and separate tissues, stretch muscle and connective tissue, stimulate nerve endings, release adhesions and scar tissue, increase blood and lymph flow to the muscles and skin and sedate the nervous system.

Facial rejuvenation cupping uses small cups to gently lift the skin and increase lymphatic drainage. The increased circulation plumps lines and wrinkles, softens scar tissue, reduces puffiness and rejuvenates the skin’s appearance. Tension held in the muscles of the jaw, tightness in the neck and sinus congestion are also relieved.

Some of the benefits of cupping therapy include: improved circulation; reduced swelling; relief of chronic conditions such as acne, eczema and allergies; regeneration of healthy tissues and skin; reduced appearance of lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging; detoxification of the body; reduced appearance of varicose and spider veins; reduction of acute pain associated with sinusitis and headaches; and improved immune function.

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Health

Women’s bodies flow on a monthly cycle of hormonal fluctuations and menstruation, experience the major transformation that occurs during and after pregnancy—and again with the ripening of menopause. Through these chapters of our life, we experience fluctuations of fluid, uncomfortable swelling of the abdomen and/or extremities, hormonal induced headaches, stretch marks, scar tissue, cellulite and the lines and wrinkles associated with maturing skin. Lymphatic drainage opens the major waterways in the body, increasing the flow of stagnant fluids trapped in the abdomen, breast, arms and legs, and reducing the discomfort of premenstrual bloat or swelling associated with pregnancy.

Whether looking for an immune system boost, support for springtime allergies, a surgery-free approach to younger looking skin or preparing for bathing suit season, consider a lymphatic drainage treatment. Experience feeling lighter and back “in the flow”.

Barbara Meza, owner of Conscius Vita, in Yardley, and The Meandering Herbalist, is a licensed massage therapist, lymphatic drainage therapist, cupping therapist and holistic health practitioner, integrating the benefits of bodywork and complementary healing arts. Connect with her at 201-978-7335, or May 2015.

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