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Women’s Self-Defense Seminar Presented by Safe Day Studio

Mike Andrus with actress and participant Sifu Patricia Lee Chu

Mike Andrus, founder and master instructor of Safe Day Studio, will present a women’s self-defense seminar to prepare women to protect and defend themselves and others, from 6 to 9 p.m., July 21, at the Warwick Township building, in Jamison.

Participants will learn simple, effective techniques including how to handle home and car invasions and identify vital targets and pressure points to maximize effectiveness. Andrus has selected the most effective, practical self-defense techniques for women to use against an attacker who may be bigger and stronger. Signed copies of Andrus’ book, Staying in the Moment!: A Practical Guide to Women’s Self-Defense, and other items will be available for sale.

Andrus is a professional martial arts instructor who holds the rank of sixth-degree black belt in Hon Hab Do, fourth-degree black belt in Shorin Ryu and third-degree black belt in both Universal Kenpo and Okinawa Karate.

Cost: $35 pre-register; $45 at the door. Location: 1733 Township Greene, Jamison. For more information, call 215-370-1650, email [email protected] or visit June 2015.

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