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Healing Lyme Disease

by Kathleen Downey

Lyme disease and its co-infections, Mycoplasma and Bartonella, attack weaknesses in our body. We are weakened primarily by long-held emotional stress, physical trauma and the environment. If a heart has been stressed by a bad diet for decades or from prolonged emotional pain, it will become even weaker with Lyme disease.

Each organ is related to an emotion. For example, the liver responds to repression and anger, the kidneys to fear, gall bladder to resentment, spleen to self-love or lack thereof and the digestive organs to holding onto past trauma.

Lyme disease symptoms can overwork the immune system and can include heavy lethargy, intermittent fever, sleeplessness, arthritic joint inflammation, muscle twitching, heart palpitations, brain fog and more. The symptoms can subside as suddenly as they come and stay dormant for a few days or months then return. Resurfacing when emotions are stirred, when we are injured or when the environment is unhealthy. Lyme spirochetes break down collagen tissues in order to obtain the nutrients they need to live, if the liver is unbalanced they will be able to do so in the knee joints where one might get Lyme arthritis, in the brain neurological Lyme and so on.

Bartonella organisms scavenge nutrients from blood cells and stimulate inflammation in cellular tissues. As soon as the organism enters the bloodstream they immediately colonize four sites: the spleen, liver, red blood cells and bone marrow. Mycoplasma scavenges nutrients and quickly parasitizes the host infecting the brain, nervous system, lymph, liver, spleen, kidney and bone marrow. This parasitic damage can be reversed.

Treating Lyme disease means treating the whole person. Healing long-held emotion is essential and can serve to detoxify the body as it heals subconscious trauma. Diet must include nutrient building foods as well as non-inflammatory foods and should be individualized with guidance. Herb and supplementation support can replace some nutrients, build the immune system and protect the brain along with safe and gentle detoxification and lymphatic drainage techniques. All care must be individualized and under the guidance of experienced individuals.

Kathleen Downey has researched and trained extensively in all avenues of alternative care for Lyme disease and its co-infections for 27 years after successfully healing herself, and is the author of cookbook and nutrition guide, Healthy is Delicious. Connect with her at 858-401-3144 or July 2015.

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