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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Higher Brain Living Facilitator in Paoli

Sheryl Goodling, a licensed Higher Brain Living Advanced Facilitator, offers her services to the Greater Philadelphia area from her office in Paoli.

Higher Brain Living is a gentle-touch technique that creates a surge of energy to the pre-frontal cortex, also known as the higher brain. The higher brain is the area responsible for the experience of joy, insight, problem-solving, clarity and confidence. This heightened activity in the pre-frontal cortex loosens the grip of the old, primitive, stress brain (the lower brain), and launches people into their full potential.

“What makes this different from other modalities is it creates sustainable change,” says Goodling. “People experience clarity, easier decision making, focus, joy, more meaning to their lives. The lower brain keeps us in safety, which creates sameness—which is why we have a difficult time changing our lives.”

Goodling is dedicated to helping people change their lives, live to their highest potential and discover their highest self.

Location: 53 Darby Rd., Ste. F, Paoli. For more information, call 484-302-1502 or visit July 2015.

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