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Newly Opened Full Living Offers a Unique Psychotherapy Experience

Full Living, a unique psychotherapy practice, is launching this month with multiple offices in Philadelphia and surrounding neighborhoods. Director Karen Smith works exclusively with seasoned, culturally competent clinicians, offering relational psychodynamic clinical services for individuals, couples and families.

To facilitate the best match between interested clients and the right therapist, Smith handles all initial consultations herself. “Other than getting a personal recommendation from a therapist you know, we are your best shot at getting matched with a therapist best suited to meet your needs,” says Smith.

Networked with clinicians diverse in theoretical approaches, skills, styles and personalities, Smith prides herself on maintaining satisfied clients. Full Living clinicians share a common commitment to building safe therapeutic relationships that support clients on their journeys of growth and change.

Full Living is also made unique by the locations of its many offices. “We work hard to provide multiple location options for our clients. While the right therapist is definitely worth traveling to, it’s nice when the right therapist is also just around the corner,” says Smith.

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, call 215-494-7818 or visit October 2015.

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