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Eliminate Stress this Holiday Season with Higher Brain Living

by Michelle Bense

Sheryl Goodling, licensed massage therapist, holistic health coach, and Mastery Facilitator of Higher Brain Living, works with women who feel lost, unworthy and stuck in fear. Her business name, Healthy Brain, Healthy Living, reflects her mission: she strives to help women reconnect to their power, discover self-worth and self-love, and begin to create the lives their souls crave.

Higher Brain Living (HBL) is a gentle-touch technique designed to energize the higher brain—the prefrontal cortex, which activates the body’s ability to heal itself, create new habits, sharpen intuition, become more productive and experience peacefulness, joy and abundance. The technique, developed and refined by Dr. Michael Cotton over the course of 30 years, combines network spinal analysis, acupressure, stress reduction therapy, neurofeedback and biofeedback.

“We are square in the middle of that mysterious time of year that, for a variety of reasons, is joyful and exciting for some, and sometimes complicated and even painful for others,” explains Goodling. “For many, the period from November to January is full of short days and long nights where they may feel moments of happiness, but also might feel things like loneliness, anxiety, judgment, disconnection, exhaustion or grief. All of these emotions have one thing in common: When we don’t listen to them, and when we dwell on them, they all cause major stress on the body, mind and spirit."

According to Goodling, 85 percent of all doctors’ visits are due to stress. “HBL relieves your stress, so the body can do what it does best—heal,” says Goodling, who encourages all who are struggling with excessive stress to try HBL.

“HBL and massage are not luxuries; they are health care. After 22 sessions of HBL, sustainable change has occurred. A person can experience more joy, clearer focus and better decision-making. Anxiety can disappear, depression can be lifted. Life feels more meaningful and fulfilling,” enthuses Goodling.

Regular HBL sessions and coursework can help participants engage from a place of abundance, freeing them from the stress triggers of the lower brain, and helping them to become aware of the messages that surround them. Demonstrations are available online, as well as recorded presentations and an opportunity to schedule sample sessions.

Goodling, one of about 200 HBL facilitators in the U.S., says she started her practice “to facilitate sustainable change for others—to see others live in more joy and happiness, with less stress.”

Location: 53 Darby Rd., Ste. F, Paoli. For more information, call 484-302-1502, email [email protected] or visit

Michelle Bense is a freelance editor and writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect with her at [email protected].

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