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Creative Expressions: Art from the Heart

Michael Cavallaro

by Mandy Francis

Most people, if asked to participate in an art class, would cringe unless they had art skills. Living Concepts, LLC, a Pennsburg business committed to assisting individuals with personal growth, knows that artistic skill isn’t necessary to tap into one’s creative self. Their innovative approach, Creative Expressions, offers a multidimensional approach to accessing inner creativity while also addressing personal limitations.

The program is for all ages and levels, with no prior art experience required. Traditional art classes usually teach only basic skills, but this class is about heartfelt art, not structure and technique. Using different art mediums, participants are encouraged to express their inner essence through their personal artwork. When they encounter limits to their creativity, a facilitator works with them to remove those limitations.

Expressing our inner selves through art brings joy. At a deeper level, the limitations we encounter as we create art can be metaphors for areas in life where we may have challenges. As Creative Expressions students become aware of how their artistic limitations mirror aspects of their lives, they are able to choose to make positive, lasting changes in an environment that is light-hearted and fun.

Living Concepts, LLC, the business behind Creative Expressions, is based on the works and wisdom of founder Michael Cavallaro, an accomplished abstract artist who has been teaching and facilitating for the past 40 years. As he traveled throughout the world, exploring various holistic and spiritual modalities, Cavallaro realized that while the goal of many healing modalities is to develop an awareness of one’s internal life, they rarely truly focus on how to integrate their teachings with daily life in a practical way.

Cavallaro explains, “A person’s experiences establish their beliefs and behavior patterns, and those beliefs and patterns in turn impact the body, mind and spirit. In order to create true internal change, a person needs to both become aware of and consciously choose the type of life they wish to live. Creative Expressions offers that by allowing participants to both recognize and consciously choose to remove limitations, all while having fun.”

Creative Expressions is a holistic process in that it can be effective in all areas of life: parenting, personal growth, relationships, career and more. It does not offer a quick fix, and it is, most importantly, self-directed. “Waking up is a lifelong adventure,” Cavallaro advises, “but we are able to lay the groundwork and provide simple tools so that change can begin whenever the individual is ready.”

“The beauty of this process is that anyone can participate. The only requirement is a desire to change and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

For more information, call 215-272-3153, email [email protected] or visit December 2015.

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