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Learn to Meditate with Chalfont Yoga

Chalfont Yoga will host a series of classes on the fundamentals of meditation from 6:45 to 8:45 p.m., January 25, February 1 and 8, at the their studio in Chalfont.

Each session will begin with 25 to 35 minutes devoted to discussing aspects of meditation and technique. The instructor will take the time to explore different seated positions and give customized guidance to find what is most comfortable for each person’s body. The group will then practice meditation together. A discussion regarding the meditation experience concludes each class.

Students will leave each class empowered with the knowledge and skills needed to begin meditating on their own. The spacing of each class in the series is designed to allow time for students to practice individually and come back to share their experiences with the group.

“While there are many people practicing asana, or the physical postures of yoga, far fewer people understand how and why we meditate,” says Erica “Pooja” Andersen, class instructor and founder/owner of Chalfont Yoga. “My aim with this set of classes is to clear up any misconceptions about what meditation is and give people all the tools they need to begin meditating regularly at home.”

Andersen uses the Svaroopa Vidya Meditation technique. This simple, accessible approach allows students to start meditating in the first class and gives them the tools and confidence to introduce a daily sitting meditation practice into their lives.

At the end of the series, attendees will understand the nature of meditation and how to practice on their own to experience its many benefits, including less stress, improved concentration and a greater sense of joy and ease.

Cost: $139 for the 3-week class series. Pre-registration is required. Location: Chalfont, PA. For more information, call 570-350-1281, email [email protected] or visit January 2016.

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