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Greenshire Welcomes Psychologist and Speaker Dr. Laurane McGlynn

Greenshire Arts Consortium will host licensed clinical psychologist and acclaimed speaker Dr. Laurane McGlynn in a meet and greet from 6 to 8 p.m., February 18. McGlynn will discuss her work with holotropic breathwork and other holistic services.

Through increased awareness of all aspects of self—mind, body, heart and spirit—McGlynn offers individual and group therapy, experiential workshops and classes. She also specializes in the holistic treatment of cancer, chronic pain, trauma and medical illness, basing her treatments on the belief that the patient is a person, not a disease. “I consider it an honor to witness the whole spectrum of human experience in a non-judgmental, compassionate and supportive way,” she says. “Being a part of a person’s healing journey is an experience that words cannot convey. I take that responsibility as a deep commitment that feels important and meaningful to me.”

McGlynn believes that all healing involves addressing the underlying cause of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms. Her work is heart-centered, compassionate and empowering, as she creates a safe space where everyone’s needs, feelings, concerns and dreams are deeply heard, understood and supported.

McGlynn also collaborates with medical doctors to provide a body-mind centered, psychotherapeutic approach to medical and psychological issues.

Cost: Donation. Location: 3620 Sterner Mill Rd, Quakertown. For more information or to register, call 215-538-0976, email [email protected] or visit February 2016.

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