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Power Up for Winter! A Lymphatic Wellness Workshop

Barbara Meza, of Conscius Vita, will present Power Up for Winter! A Lymphatic Wellness Workshop from 2 to 4 p.m., February 28, at Conscius Vita, located at 33 South Delaware Avenue, Suite 201, in Yardley.

Participants in this afternoon session will learn easy ways to improve lymphatic circulation, strengthen the immune system and improve functionality of the mucous membranes throughout the winter months.

Meza explains, “During the wintertime we are inclined to spend less time moving about outdoors. The cold and the reduced activity contribute to physical stiffness and thickening of the blood and lymph. This impedes circulation and natural detoxification, and causes an increased susceptibility to illness.

“By incorporating lymphatic drainage treatments with easily available herbs, foods, essential oils and other wellness practices,” says Meza, “we can empower ourselves with optimal wellness.”

Meza is a traditional Western herbalist with a degree in natural health, as well as a licensed massage therapist, lymphatic drainage therapist, cupping therapist and holistic health practitioner, serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Conscius Vita draws upon the philosophies of the East and the West, incorporating traditional Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and ayurvedic concepts of health and nutritive wisdom to help others on their personal journey to regain and retain health.

Attendees will receive a delightful cold-season support gift set and a gift certificate towards a lymphatic drainage session at Conscius Vita.

Cost: $20. Please pre-register online at For more information, call Barbara Meza at 201-978-7335 or email [email protected]. February 2016.

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