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The Energy to Lead

by Jacqui Cassel

Leadership is often confused with achieving a position or title. Authentic leadership, however, is predicated on the ability to positively influence outcomes through our actions. The most effective leaders are those that become the voice of inspiration, clearing space for others to evolve into the best possible version of themselves.

Workplace leaders are most effective when they recognize and embrace energy leadership. This type of leadership involves understanding how your vibrational energy, choices and actions influence those within your professional and personal social circles

.Create Your Own Balance

Since change begins from within, implementing energy leadership starts with achieving your own mind, body and spirit balance. A healthy and balanced life is important to manifesting physical well-being, maximizing the flow of creative energy, healing relationships and building new products or services.

While working on your own balance, observe how your choices and leadership role set the cultural tone within your group or organization. Your subtle energy influences employee behaviors, workplace interrelations and organizational success.

Allow Others To Grow

Human capital is the most important asset for a business or organization. Implement a “people strategy”, incorporating mind, body and spirit balance. Here are a few ways to get started:

  • Provide a venue where employees can gain knowledge about holistic health and its benefits, beyond traditional massage therapy and chiropractic care. Mindfulness programs are proven to reduce stress, result in greater focus and clarity, and fuel the journey of self-discovery. Explore how these services can be covered within your healthcare or wellness programming budgets.
  • Invest in employees differently by bestowing the gift of time for self-discovery. Fanning the flame of personal interests and passions enables creative contribution and inspired enthusiasm. Clearing a path for people to share their natural talents is simply a wise business investment. In addition to enhancing collaborative teamwork, employees can provide amazing testimonials for prospective clients and future new hires.
  • Revisit the workweek schedule, flexible work strategy and vacation policy. Compare the intended outcome with how these policies are working to support growth and satisfaction. Studies show that productivity significantly declines beyond a 50-hour work week. Some innovative employers are now requiring employees to shut off after a 40-hour work week, while others are also requiring vacation time be used.
Jacqui Cassel is an executive coach and life coach with Jacqui & Company, specializing in energy leadership. For more information, call 717-818-5254, email [email protected] or visit Jacqui.Company online. February 2016.

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