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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Whole Foods Says ‘No More’ to Community Magazines

Over the past few months, several Natural Awakenings readers have reported that they have been unable to find copies of the publication at local Whole Foods stores.

In response to inquiries from Natural Awakenings, Whole Foods Markets (WFM) replied that the stores in Jenkintown, Wynnewood, North Wales and Plymouth Meeting will no longer be providing a space for the distribution of free community magazines. Their spokesperson explained that the policy change is part of the chain “taking a more streamlined approach to our marketing efforts.”

“When readers began calling, we were concerned that folks might think we were no longer publishing, or had compromised our commitment to the communities where we distribute,” explains publisher Karen Meshkov. “We want to ensure our readers of our enduring commitment to providing access to the magazine consistently every month, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

Meshkov and her team remain open to future partnerships with Whole Foods Markets, as they continue to steadily increase distribution at locations throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties. “We are currently in over 500 area locations where the wellness community congregates, including 30 major food markets. Every month there are new opportunities to expand our distribution. We’re exploring a relationship with Wawa stores now and are excited about the opportunities that this offers.”

If your organization is interested in serving as a community distribution partner, or if you need help finding a convenient location to pick up your copy of Natural Awakenings, please email [email protected]. The new website, launching in 2016, will feature an interactive map to help readers locate convenient pickup locations. February 2016.

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