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Using Past Lives to Gain Freedom in This One

by Elisa Smith

As a traditional psychotherapist, Elaine Berk was often frustrated by the painfully slow nature of change for many clients, despite their willingness, hard work and dedication to the process.  “My clients weren’t alone in this — it was true for me as well, ” explains Berk.  “Some issues would reach 90 percent resolution, then stall.”

Through a series of synchronicities, she discovered the field of Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), and with it the answers she’d been seeking. After training extensively with some of those most renowned in the field — including Brian Weiss, M.D., Morris Netherton, Ph.D., Carol Bowman, MS, and Patricia Walsh — she founded Past Life Regression Therapy PA and has been helping clients to finally resolve issues that have been plaguing them not only for years, but potentially for lifetimes.

“In my experience, one reason conventional therapy isn’t always effective is because it assumes the issues originated in this lifetime,” says Berk.  “PLRT reveals the root causes from events in other life times and thereby heals more deeply and quickly than traditional therapies.”

Even those skeptical of reincarnation can benefit, she explains.  “When considering their past life regression experience as a metaphor for current life issues, a client still has a therapeutic response. The process causes a shift that enables them to expand their awareness about their life issues and life purpose, using this new understanding to make changes going forward.

”During PLRT, for example, an asthmatic client might experience reduced or eliminated symptoms after uncovering a lifetime in which their home burned. A person with belonging and self-esteem issues might learn about a life where they were ostracized and bullied for being different. Someone with an eating disorder might find themselves in other lifetimes where they were starving or malnourished.

“In this therapeutic process, the healing — for this and future lives — comes when one retrieves and works through past lifetime experiences and feelings, and then releases old energetic blocks. This leads to the gradual re-integration of missing parts of themselves and the rediscovery of one’s personal power, ” says Berk.  “Not only can clients resolve the enduring effects of past life trauma, but they often experience a feeling of freedom, deep peace, serenity, love and light in the PLRT session.”<

Berk continues, “I have found the knowledge, understanding, experience and universal wisdom afforded by the past life therapy process to be truly profound, incredibly healing and rapidly transformative — both for me and for my clients.”

Evolving Soul, LLC, is located at 110 North State Street in Newtown, with a satellite office in Doylestown.  For more information, call 215-970-1534 or visit

May 2016 Issue