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The Green Way to Safely Control Pests

by Elisa Smith

It may at first seem unlikely that organic gardening and pest control could be related, but the link is obvious to Daniel Owusuh. The founder of Greenway Pest Control, Owusuh began his career in organic agriculture, studying agriculture in Israel before returning to the U.S. as a research fellow at the renowned Rodale Institute Research Center in Kutztown.

With a focus on the soil/plant/human relationship, he was dismayed to learn that a traditional pest control company had been contracted to treat his apartment with toxic pesticides, and he realized that the same principles and methods that allow crops to thrive without harmful chemicals could be utilized to keep homes and businesses pest-free, as well. When he learned that an environmentally friendly option did not exist, he obtained his pesticide license and studied the business from the inside, learning the methodology that would allow him to apply the principles of organic agriculture to structural pest control, ultimately opening his own business in 2007.

InsectAnt“Similar to holistic medicine, where patients agree to healthy diet and lifestyle choices, green pest control works best when the customer is willing to follow simple common sense guidelines in addition to incorporating non-toxic products proven to repel or control common household and office pests,” says Owusuh. “Simply making a space less hospitable to pests goes a long way toward solving the problem and reduces the toxic load to our planet and to us, its inhabitants.”

Of course, knowing what changes to make is the key, and with more than 20 years of experience, Owusuh is able to assess the problem and offer environmentally friendly solutions, using only natural insecticides, pesticides and repellents safe for use around humans and pets. Simple strategies might include structural modification—sealing gaps between walls and around pipes and doors—and otherwise blocking interior access. Other methods call upon Owusuh’s knowledge of insect behavior, like understanding that eliminating visible ants is ineffective unless the colony’s queen is also eliminated. Setting up a bait system that targets the colony and its queen, along with the use of natural deterrents, will eradicate the problem while preventing re-infestation.

CS_GreenwayPestControl_0616Greenway Pest Control uses inspection, observation and intervention, the three-stage Integrated Pest Management (IPM) method recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency, to develop comprehensive customized programs that address the unique needs of each client, both affordably and effectively. Using botanical extracts, special soaps, herbs and other natural treatments that are toxic to pests, but not to humans, pets or the planet, Owusuh’s team can safely eliminate virtually any pests, including spiders, roaches, millipedes/centipedes, ants, silverfish, fleas and bees. They can even address rodent, termite and bedbug issues. The company also offers a home inspection program for real estate buyers and sellers.

“Living healthy today is about more than just eating right and exercising. We help maintain a healthy, pest-free living and working space for families and pets, customers and staff, while also protecting ourselves and the environment from toxicity,” says Owusuh. “Always remember that healthy soil produces healthy plants, leading to human health.”

Greenway Pest Control is licensed to serve all of Pennsylvania. For more information, call 610-395-4941 (office) or 610-703-8031 (cell), or visit

June 2016