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A Label that Heals: Mysterium Music’s Award-Winning Sound

Aug 31, 2016 08:05AM
by Beth Hilton

Seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, hearing—our powerful senses can bring us great pleasure. We indulge the first four of them with beautiful views, great food, scented candles and warm hugs. But how do we honor our sensitive ability to hear? Are we mindful of the sounds in our environment, the noises we create and the ways that our lives can literally be more harmonious?

Sharing the mindfulness of music is a lifestyle for Trisha Bowden, a lifelong singer, kirtan fan and founder of Mysterium Music, the Pennsylvania-based record label dedicated to high-quality healing, relaxing and restorative music. As a child, Bowden sang soothingly to her pony and learned of music’s power as a healing tool. As she grew within this love of music, she became a professional singer and slowly realized that the type of music one sings and hears is essential to one’s health.

Today, Mysterium Music produces and sells music, with four Grammy-nominated albums by pianist Peter Kater, plus Kirtana Americana by Wynne Paris and Elders & Ancestors by Agrelia’s Castle, an award-winning album that has been embraced for relaxation and hospice care across the world. “All of our music is created with healing intentions and primarily acoustic instrumentation,” explains Bowden, “which makes us stand out as a music label.”

Recently, Bowden attended MIDEM, a global music conference in France, and was encouraged by other countries’ interest in the growing label’s music. Good news, considering they have three new projects in production, including Grammy winner Micki Free’s impending album, The Native American Flute as Therapy.

“It’s up to us to create our own bliss through music,” Bowden reminds us. “It’s always there for us, just a click, switch or chant away.”

Beth Hilton is founder of The B Company, a boutique PR and marketing firm based in Los Angeles, California. Connect at Visit for interviews, videos, album previews and purchases.

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