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The Path to Harmony: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Music, Reiki and Applied Kinesiology

by Carrie Jackson

The work of the Music Apothecary, in Wyndmoor, is the latest design of a healing music system that incorporates various Eastern and Western healing modalities to bring the body’s energetic systems “into phase”. The result can be the resolution of chronic allergies, addictions, food issues and other health-related imbalances.

The music is an energetic music based on the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that can target organs, tissues and meridians that are in need of repair. Practitioners Michael Legge and Mariko LaFleur are currently offering one-hour sessions to clients that begin with organ, supplement and food testing through energetic response via applied kinesiology (AK) kits. “Any organs, tissues or meridians that are out of phase will pop up when we test clients energetically through the use of the pendulum. We then use a tool called The Music Prescription Generator that will display which musical treatment will bring coherency back into the unbalanced organ, or into whatever part of the body needs balancing,” says Legge.

blackkiWhen working with patients, Legge and LaFleur combine Jikiden Reiki, a medical reiki designed to target areas of distress, with the Music Apothecary techniques for the greatest energetic impact. “The synergy created through this combined modality is a unique energy medicine that delivers maximum power for bringing the system back into homeostasis,” Legge explains.

Legge and LaFleur are also working with another revolutionary AK kit from Ireland. The Food & Lectin AK Test Kit contains 150 ampoules, or samples, of meats, fish, dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, drinks and spices. “Many food sensitivities can be traced to the lectins present in these food groups, which can cause digestive irritability and inflammation,” says Legge.

Location: 7703 Elm Ave., Wyndmoor. For more information, call 215-801-6393 or visit October 2016.

Carrie Jackson is a frequent writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at [email protected].

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