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Massage for the Masses: Nita Keesler Teaches Technique, Supports Self-Healing

by Sarah Grey

“It felt like an angel performing surgery.” That’s how one fellow massage therapist describes a session with Nita Keesler. Keesler is owner of Back in Balance Massage & Wellness, which has locations in the Bensalem-Langhorne area and in Cheltenham Township.

Helping clients unwind and get back in balance is what Keesler does best, she says. “I help people to feel empowered in their healing process, creating awareness and balance in their bodies and their lives through therapeutic massage, assisted stretching and classes on posture and flexibility.”

Keesler is no newbie to bodywork—she’s been practicing since 1994 and teaching massage since 2001. She specializes in teaching clients self-assisted massage techniques they can use at home through her Posture and Flexibility program, a signature program she developed. She also offers YogaDance classes and bodywork sessions.

Empowerment is an important driver for Keesler, who wants her clients not only to enjoy their massages and feel better, but also to learn from and take part in the process. “I really enjoy working with people that participate in their own healing,” she says, and welcomes clients that are open to combining traditional deep-tissue work with Thai massage or assisted stretching. “Both of these have a cumulative, positive effect over time, if done regularly.”

crg_backinbalance_nitakeesler_0216Back in Balance has naturally developed a focus on corporate wellness programs, which Keesler says are badly needed in most workplaces. “These programs show how routine workplace habits might negatively impact posture and flexibility. I provide simple techniques that help prevent chronic aches while also offering ways to destress while at work.” Too much sitting, badly designed furniture and stress all have negative effects on office workers, she explains. These can affect posture and flexibility, which “affects us on so many levels, from causing aches and pains, limited movement, making us feel older, affecting our digestion and even our mood, not to mention our appearance.” In the future, she hopes to expand her presence with therapeutic massage concierge services for corporate clients.

At times, Keesler says, she meets clients that have never had a professional massage. Usually, the reason is “fear that the therapist will judge their appearance. However, that is not what I focus on; I see a person in need of healing touch, and I seek out muscle tension. I try to be the therapist that I would want to go to, in technique, values, integrity and compassion.” Back in Balance clients agree, describing Keesler’s touch as “not only practiced but intuitive” and voting her business “Best of Philadelphia” in PhillyFit and Philadelphia magazines. “Elderly clients and active military alike tell me I am deep yet gentle,” says Keesler.

Some of Keesler’s clients are veterans, and she is passionate about supporting their needs. Back in Balance offers a “Protect and Serve” discount to veterans, as well as to police, fire department and EMT clients as a token of her appreciation for their service, and donates gift certificates and auction items to fundraisers in their honor. Military and first-responder work can be especially taxing on the body, so massage and bodywork services and classes can carry particular benefits for these clients.

Back in Balance invites new clients that are looking for an empowering and healing approach to massage therapy.

For more information, call 267-980-1727 or visit

October 2016.

Sarah Grey is a published author and editor whose writings bring together food, culture, community, language and politics. Connect at and