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A Chiropractic Maverick: Dr. Andrew Persky Innovates the Path to Pain Relief

It takes just a few minutes speaking with Dr. Andrew Persky, owner of LifeAligned Upper Cervical Treatment Center, to realize he is not a “typical” chiropractor, nor are his treatment and results typical. His revolutionary work in precise realignment of the craniocervical junction (joint between the head and neck) is changing the way doctors and patients throughout the tri-state area think about pain and how to address its underlying cause without drugs, surgery or their negative side effects. He is changing the lives of people that had lost hope of ever finding relief from debilitating conditions such as chronic headaches, seizures, tremors, post-concussion brain fog and fibromyalgia.

What makes the LifeAligned treatment unique? What people need to understand is that my treatment is very different from traditional chiropractic. No “cracking” or “twisting” of the neck is necessary. It is gentle, much more sophisticated and has the power to change the lives of people living with chronic pain and other issues. For example, my patient, Carolyn, suffered for six years with debilitating pain, tremors and incontinence due to a spinal cord injury. Now she lives a vital, pain-free life. Then there’s Paula who had daily intense headaches for almost 30 years. She had tried various medications, medical devices and surgeries without any relief. But, after only two treatments in my office, she experienced her first pain-free day. This treatment clearly deserves serious consideration before resorting to surgery or a lifetime of pain pills.

Why is your treatment so effective? My work addresses the underlying cause of a patient’s health issue, not just their symptoms. Drugs and surgery are often intended to suppress pain rather than resolve the cause of it. That is backwards thinking. MRI and other medical technologies show that when the head is out of alignment with the top of the neck, vital nerves and blood vessels passing through that area can be negatively affected. My treatment is designed to reestablish proper neurological and biomechanical physiology. Once that is achieved, the brain and body are free to heal from within and cease producing symptoms. It is not uncommon for a patient to experience almost immediate changes.

How can this treatment lead to better lifelong health? Whether a person has noticeable symptoms or not, realignment of the craniocervical junction can improve their neurological and biomechanical health. Patients often comment about experiencing changes in their body completely unrelated to why they came to me. They feel healthier overall. If it can provide profound improvements for celebrities such as Montel Williams, who had nerve pain in his legs due to multiple sclerosis, or former NFL quarterback Jim McMahon, who suffered from brain fog and blinding headaches, it can conceivably help everyone function better.

You’re very passionate about this. How do you bring your message to people outside of your practice? I’m passionate about this because the waiting rooms of neurologists and pain management clinics are overwhelmed by people in pain, and they deserve to know that an effective treatment exists that might help them without the need for drugs or surgery. When I’m not seeing patients, you’ll often find me speaking to hospitals, medical doctors, community leaders, corporate employees and even people on the street, explaining what I do. In the midst of an opioid epidemic and skyrocketing healthcare costs, this treatment is not only a game changer—for many it’s a life changer.

LifeAligned Upper Cervical Treatment Center is located at 1432 Easton Rd., Ste. 4A. For more information, call 215-491-4200 or visit

November 2016