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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Inner Spa: Detox and Self-Care Haven Since 2004

by Carrie Jackson

Since 2004, Newtown’s Inner Spa has been the Philadelphia suburban area’s preeminent center for colon hydrotherapy and detoxification counseling. The Newtown establishment also offers mineral body wraps and mud baths,  massage, reflexology, organic facials and other alternative healing treatments. Owner Cathy Windland is a national board certified colon hydrotherapist, wellness advocate and detoxification specialist. She and her staff work with clients to help them achieve their personal wellness goals, starting with detoxification and colon health.

“We take a holistic approach to detoxification, with all of our services aimed at helping to reduce the toxic burden,” explains Windland. “We encounter toxins every day through what we eat, drink, put on our skin or interact with in the environment. Sometimes the natural detoxification channels—through the skin and the colon—need help. If the colon is out of balance, it can potentially compromise the function of other systems in the body, including the immune system.  Using holistic techniques to help cleanse the body allows us to restore balance and support overall wellness.”

To maintain proper colon health and regular digestion, Windland recommends her clients eat whole foods as much as possible, exercise regularly, limit (or eliminate) processed food and refined sugars, decrease exposure to environmental toxins, and in general pay attention to how their bodies react to certain foods. “If you have stomach troubles every time you eat a bowl of pasta, for example, it’s an indication that something may be out of balance with your digestive system,” says Windland.

Even with strong lifestyle habits, Windland identifies regular colonics as an important part of maintaining optimal digestion and overall health. She describes colon hydrotherapy as a “bath for the colon,” adding, “We use triple purified warm water that is introduced into the colon through a speculum to soften, loosen and expel waste naturally.”

Additionally, Inner Spa has licensed massage therapists who provide Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone, lymphatic and scalp massages to improve circulation and support detoxification. “Massage isn’t a nicety; it’s a necessity,” Windland says. “As a society, we are overly stressed and often hold that tension in our muscles. We need space to relieve that.”

Location: 4 Terry Dr., Atrium Building, Ste. 12, Newtown. For more information, call 215-968-9000, email [email protected] or visit

January 2017