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Find Body Peace and Power with Virtual Workshop Series

Michelle McInnis, life coach and transformation specialist, in partnership with nutritional consultant Ann Murphy, presents “Breaking Free: A Personal Power Program for Women Seeking Physical and Emotional Body Peace”. The six-week series of Monday classes meets virtually, using web conferencing technology, from 7 to 9 p.m., from January 9 through February 13. Joining in after start date is possible since each class is recorded.

McInnis describes the program as ideal for women that are sick of yo-yo dieting, want to move away from rules and calorie counting, are eating emotionally or are struggling with body image. The class will focus on how to identify and shift out of food cravings, and on the physiological and cognitive processes of how the body responds to thoughts and food. Participants will practice conscious eating and self-acceptance amidst social and media pressure.

“I can fully understand the biased, cultural demands of being a certain weight. At age 8 I was placed on my first diet because I was told that I was too heavy,” reveals McInnis. Shedding past beliefs and memories has been her focus as she has pursued the education to work on mental mindsets.

McInnis works with individual clients on other topics as well, such as relationships, financial stressors, business advancement and life changes. Her technique when working one-on-one with clients is to focus on “shifting out of the mental chatter of self-sabotage and training ourselves in new thinking.” Through creative brainstorming, breathing techniques, visualization, guided meditation and methods for managing emotions, McInnis cheers on, challenges and nurtures her clients as they work toward their goals. “I help clients go into their belief system, feel the emotions associated with the belief or particular event and identify the feelings. When you feel it, you can heal it!”

Breaking Free program registration includes the weekly Internet class and ongoing email support by both practitioners, as well as empowering take-away practices and a comprehensive workbook to accompany the learning process.

Investment: $189 for the six-week program. Recording will be available. For more information or to register for the class, visit

January 2017

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