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Here I Go… Again… How Past Life Regression Therapy Sets Us Free

by Elaine Berk

To many in our Western culture, Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) may seem like a far-fetched solution to achieving one’s best self, but more than 25 percent of Americans report believing in reincarnation. Many more are open to the possibility of believing… because they just “don’t know.”

The growing popularity of PLRT is not hard to understand. Many who undergo this therapeutic process experience profound emotional and physical healing around present life experiences and relationships, and leave the sessions feeling a deeper understanding of themselves, both as individuals and in relation to others. The result is often a shift in perspective that enables them to live out their current lives more meaningfully, with greater freedom and deeper peace. For those that do believe in reincarnation, PLRT provides a sense of oneself as an eternal being. For those that don’t believe, the result is still overwhelmingly positive.

What is Past Life Regression Therapy? PLRT is deep work on the unconscious—those factors that dictate our reactions to situations and people we are attracted to, choose to partner with and/or have in our family or circle, as well as our physical health and habits. In PLRT an individual is guided into the subconscious mind with the intent of identifying the origin of reoccurring problems, and unresolved issues experienced in their lifetime. Insight and wisdom are gained, and these issues (and others that arise), both in their originating lifetime and in their current lifetime, are resolved and healed.

During this process, a therapist guides the client to retrieve and (re-)experience past life information that comes by way of all six senses. A slow unraveling of what occurred in that lifetime will come into awareness in the form of mental pictures, emotions and intuitive insights. As the journey of that lifetime becomes increasingly clear, deeper insight is gained, and the healing and transformation unfolds.

Are Past Lives Real? There are many experiences we can’t recall, yet we know they happened. For instance, one might completely forget the experience of being in a third grade play until years later, when they are shown a photograph of themselves on the stage. Looking at the photograph, the memory is triggered and comes back quickly with clarity. The details of the experience are accessed and brought into consciousness. Retrieving past life memories happens in much the same way.

It’s the nature of these kinds of immediate insights that makes PLRT such an attractive approach for therapists. PLRT can often provide relief after just one session and achieve what can take weeks, months or even years using other kinds of therapeutic modalities.

Even if the lifetime were an “imagined” story, it still has therapeutic benefit. Most who (re)experience a past life will attest to the very real and visceral emotions and physical feelings they experience during a session. To these individuals, it is undeniably real.

Who to Work With? PLRT is serious therapeutic work and has implications about how we live our lives going forward. It is deep work on the unconscious. As such, it is important to work with an experienced professional, preferably someone with a psychotherapy background in addition to extensive training in PLRT. They may or may not also be a certified hypnotherapist, as it is not necessary to use hypnotherapy to access past life experiences.

Past Life Regressionists and Past Life (Regression) Therapists work differently. As such, session length and fees can vary greatly. Fees will vary based on the time investment, therapist credentials and the degree to which these sessions are conducted therapeutically. A potential PLRT client should ask considered questions, ensuring they are satisfied with any limitations set and understand any implications associated with such limitations.

As a client engages in PLRT, they should ensure they are working with someone they feel comfortable with, that has the experience and credentials to assist them in healing and resolving any and all issues that arise during and potentially following their session.

crg_evolvingsoul-elaineberk_0316Elaine Berk, MEd, CHt, CPLT, is the owner of Past Life Regression Therapy PA. She has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and many years of experience as a psychotherapist. She is certified by the American Medical and Dental Association as a hypnotherapist and has trained extensively with many pioneers in the field of Past Life Therapy. Location: 110 North State St., Newtown. For more information, call 215-970-1534 or visit

February 2017