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Age Smarter, Not Harder with Integrative Health Care

At Integrative Health Care, in Fountainville, the aging process is put into focus under the lens of its preventive care services. A doctor of podiatric medicine and licensed acupuncturist, the practice’s founder, Dr. Lisa Rhodes, attests that “prevention is priceless” and offers a variety of preventive therapies geared to save individuals money on future healthcare costs.

“We can be smart about aging,”says Rhodes, who has practiced for nearly two decades and is in the process of receiving additional training and certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine. Integrative Health Care’s anti-aging therapies include acupuncture, nutritional counseling, weight loss, detoxing and light therapy. Rhodes encourages those with active health issues to try any number of these therapies, particularly if relief with other therapies has not been achieved. “The key is to be proactive sooner than later,” she advises. “For some, that means lifestyle changes, such as exercise and dietary changes. For others, it means finally addressing that health issue that’s been put on the back burner for too long.”

Through a range of complementary, noninvasive modalities Integrative Health Care serves as supplementary support to allopathic medicine. “Our approach is to pinpoint underlying causes of symptoms,” says Rhodes, adding that in order to offset negative effects of the aging process, “It is important for all of us to engage in preventive health care.”

Location: 5055 Swamp Rd., Ste. 203, Fountainville. For more information, call 215-230-4600, email [email protected] or visit

February 2017