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Fourth-Generation Healer, Lisa Gercie

by Carrie Jackson

As a fourth-generation healer and intuitive empath, Lisa Gercie guides clients to find peace, comfort and connection within. Gercie is the founder of The Hypnotic Healer, in Bethlehem, and has studied metaphysics with world-renowned mentors, shamans and teachers for the majority of her life. She graduated from Lehigh University’s Counseling Psychology program and blends traditional counseling and hypnosis with metaphysical healing and hypnotic techniques.

“With metaphysical hypnosis, people are going into a relaxed or hypnotic state, which allows their soul to heal,” says Gercie. Clients come to her with a range of emotional issues that often manifest as anxiety and depression, or even physical symptoms such as arthritis, diabetes and cancer. “Hypnotic healing sessions energetically cleanse, balance and align the chakra frequencies for ultimate health, healing and well-being,” she says.

Clients report feeling sensations of energy, heat and the chills while on Gercie’s healing table. Some just require one session, while others benefit from several over time. “Every soul is different and will heal when it’s ready,” says Gercie.

In addition to healing sessions, Gercie helps clients with past life regressions, where they come to understand a greater sense of the patterns of their soul. Typically one, two or three past lives can be experienced during a session. Gercie also guides clients to travel to another dimension of consciousness in which they can connect with their loved ones and/or pets that have passed on. “It’s a spiritual tool to connect,” says Gercie. “Especially on those days when we just wish we had another chance to see our loved one or to tell them things we were never able to.”

Location: 3005 Brodhead Rd., Ste. 260, Bethlehem. For more information, call 484-634-6743 or visit

Carrie Jackson is a frequent writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at [email protected].

March 2017