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Building an Integrative Medical Community

by Grace Antonini

When people walk through Red Hill Medical’s door for the first time, they immediately marvel over how relaxed and nurtured they feel. Exposed brick walls, sunny windows and a convenient location (five minutes from Kimberton Whole Foods) are a few of the ingredients that make this space such a perfect spot for an integrative medical practice.

It’s all about being present for each person,” says Dr. Kristann Heinz, MD, RD, the practice’s co-founder along with Falecia Wasicko, RN, LMT. And there’s space to spare—Red Hill Medical is currently seeking like-minded, holistic practitioners to share space and resources at its Pipersville location.

The space’s presence owes itself to the close-knit doctor-nurse team of Heinz and Wasicko. This team uses a heart-centered and open-eared approach to integrative medicine. “We value working with our patients, finding the root causes of their concerns, addressing their goals and moving toward optimal health together,” says Heinz.

Heinz offers functional medical consultations, acupuncture and nutritional interventions (she was a registered dietitian prior to being a medical doctor), while Wasicko provides health coaching, education and massage therapy. Wasicko is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through the Mindfulness Institute at Jefferson University and teaches meditation classes. Red Hill Medical also utilizes trusted practitioners outside of its own practice when needed, and it welcomes those practitioners to find a home in the Red Hill Medical community space.

In addition to medical consultations and holistic care, Red Hill Medical offers workshops, cooking and fermentation classes, detox cleanses (the next one is a food-based, six-week Spring Renewal Cleanse with weekly check-ins) and meditation groups.

Location: 7137 Old Easton Rd., Ste. 101, Pipersville. For more information about Red Hill Medical’s offerings and available office space, call 215-766-1300, email [email protected] or visit

Grace Antonini is a Bucks County writer, yoga teacher and forest walker. Connect at [email protected].

April 2017

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