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Lyn Hicks’ The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman

by Carrie Jackson

BR_LynHicks-LotusCoverIn The Lotus Project: The Art of Being a Woman, Bucks County-based author Lyn Hicks offers a fresh perspective on the intricate and beautifully complex female body, mind and spirit. Drawing from personal experiences, ancient wisdom, current research and time-honored practices, Hicks eloquently and articulately reminds women of their gifts and encourages readers to connect with their deepest selves.

Much of the book focuses on having women honor their nurturing, empathetic, emotional side instead of fighting it. Hicks also encourages women to use their sexual and creative energy for self-development and empowerment, and gives them permission to be alluring, playful, meandering and sensual. This energy can help women to feel more authentic, inspired and alive.

Hicks poses questions to readers for self-reflection and introspection in order to move forward: Are you aligned? Do you know what you’re doing and where you want to go? Readers are reminded that women are more than just their physical bodies, and that they need to be open to possibilities all around instead of going through life with blinders on their eyes.

She makes the point that women naturally have different avenues for coping with stress than men do. While men tend to rest, women need to nest and will spend time cleaning their homes, making things neat and creating order and beauty. They will work in the garden because it helps to promote life and a connection to nature. Understanding and honoring these differences will make home and work environments more harmonious.

BR_LynHicksOverall wellness starts with a healthy body, but nourishment can come from many sources. Hicks writes that oxygen, food and high impressions are the triad of self-nourishment. Oxygen comes from breath that energizes and detoxifies us. Food should be prepared and consumed mindfully and in a manner that respects the body as well as Mother Nature. High impressions include inspiring activities, prayer, uplifting sounds and nature. Hicks highlights other practices and activities that promote overall health, including acupuncture, cleansing and detoxification, reiki, yoga and eliminating harsh chemicals from the household and garden. She encourages maintaining relationships with other women and cultivating an awareness of a deeper level of existence and perception.

The book also includes a detailed list of simple practices women can do every day to feel more grounded. It outlines exercises for deep breathing, conscious eating, dancing with one’s spirit, chakra clearing and a special Manipura chakra energy release at the solar plexus, where energy, fire and digestion are regulated.

The Lotus Project is a powerful, enlightening, informative read with practical and innovative ways to celebrate the strong and alluring complexities of being a woman.

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Carrie Jackson is a frequent writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at [email protected].

May 2017