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Inner Spa Offering Wellness Workshops

Newtown’s Inner Spa will be hosting a free Wellness Toolkit Workshop Series in the community throughout the month of May. The series is designed to provide healthy tools to use in the quest for wellness and offer opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals striving to cultivate health and vitality.

Topics to be discussed include Kick the Sugar Habit; C’mon! Get Happy Hour; Healthy Digestion Basics; Mental Detox: Moving Beyond Affirmations; and Medicine Cabinet Makeover. Owner Cathy Windland enthusiastically describes each of the five topics to be presented.

Kick the Sugar Habit introduces how and why to break off the relationship with sugar. “We are surrounded by sugar,” Windland says, “but what is all that sweet stuff really doing to the body?”

C’mon! Get Happy Hour is an invitation to “let your soul shine.” This topic covers simple tips and techniques to blend relaxation and joy into everyday living.

Healthy Digestion Basics covers the digestive system (where she says all disease begins) and ways to keep it functioning optimally. It also includes a brief description of colon hydrotherapy and its role in gut health.

Mental Detox: Moving Beyond Affirmations focuses on the stories and beliefs that foster a foundation of well-being. We have thousands of thoughts each day. Are they feeding unhealthy patterns or a vision of wellness and vitality?

Medicine Cabinet Makeover teaches how to easily use essential oils and clean, simple ingredients to create all-natural remedies that soothe almost any ailment.

All workshops are presented by experts in their field. See this issue’s Events Calendar for dates, times and location. Reservations are requested.

Event locations: See Event Calendar. Inner Spa location: 4 Terry Dr., Ste.12, Newtown. For more information and to make reservations, call 219-968-9000, email [email protected] or visit

May 2017