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Holistic Alternatives to Pain—Local Voices: TRACY MCGOVERN, Reflexology

How does reflexology work to address pain?

Reflexology works with the nervous system. The action of a reflexology session directly addresses the more than 8,000 nerve endings in the feet. Through the alternating pressure of reflexology technique, your nerves become relaxed, and a few wonderful outcomes occur.

As your nerves relax, pain naturally subsides. Sometimes this is temporary symptom relief. Depending on the situation this can be enough to allow the body to create more permanent relief. In this state, your body is triggered to move into physiological relaxation, which is essentially “maintenance mode”. While in this mode, your body kicks into self-repair, and that is the real magic. General inflammation is reduced and your body is allowed the time and energy to work to heal itself.

The body is designed to self-correct; however, our lifestyles keep us much more frequently in the “stress” or “alert” mode of functioning—something our bodies were never intended to endure. By the nature of working on the feet, reflexology also inspires a significant improvement of circulation and lymphatic flow, spreading oxygen, warmth and nutrients while ridding your body of things it does not need or want. The better the motion for those processes works, the better healing and feeling for you.

Tracy McGovern is a National Board Certified Reflexologist and the founder of Essential Connections at 600 W. Broad St., #3, Quakertown and at 246 Collegeville Rd., Skippack. For more information, call 215-858-8195 or visit

June 2017