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PBS Special On Depression Treatment Features New Vitae

by Carrie Jackson

New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, in Quakertown, has been dedicated to serving clients and communities by promoting hope, health and wellness for over 30 years. Now they are partnering with the Lehigh Valley’s PBS39/WLVT to share personal stories of recovery from debilitating depression. Close to Home: Depression chronicles the experience of two New Vitae community clients that found hope and recovery through deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS), used in conjunction with other therapeutic services that New Vitae offers.

Depression affects about one out of 20 Americans, or 5 percent of the population. Symptoms can range from apathy and agitation to hallucinations and suicidal urges. Many New Vitae clients find success with dTMS after previously exhausting dozens of other treatments. “dTMS is a state-of-the-art technology that stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, where depression is thought to originate, with magnetic coils. We complement this with behavior therapy, talk therapy or whatever else the client needs to feel supported,” says Andrew Amick, a registered nurse and Director of Wellness at New Vitae.

Because depression is so personal and affects every aspect of a person’s life, the film is especially meaningful to the clients and everyone that worked with them. “As a result of our dTMS service, New Vitae has been able to witness a remarkable transformation for individuals with long-term symptoms of depression. PBS39’s commitment to educating our community about behavioral health issues offered a fantastic opportunity for dTMS participants to share their stories of strength and resiliency. They want to spread the word about this procedure with the hope that it can help other people as well,” says New Vitae President and CEO, Judith Yanacek. Besides personal stories of the dramatic recovery process, the film also includes interviews with doctors and mental health experts from the Lehigh Valley Health Network.

New Vitae takes a person-centered approach to working with clients at all stages. From the initial evaluation through a comprehensive treatment and recovery plan with ongoing follow up, the center helps to support a healthy mind, body, spirit and energy. “New Vitae Wellness and Recovery is proud to be able to offer FDA-approved dTMS for depression treatment. However, what is truly gratifying is being able to see individuals who have experienced depressive symptoms find relief from depression and reconnect with family members, friends and the activities they enjoy,” says Yanacek.

Close to Home: Depression first aired on PBS39 in May, and was rerun several times during June. More information about upcoming airings can be found at

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Carrie Jackson is a frequent writer for Natural Awakenings. Connect at [email protected].

July 2017