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Learn HeartSpeak: Muscle Testing and Stress-Reducing Techniques

Anne Jensen, Ph.D., is the developer of the emotional healing and stress reduction tool known as HeartSpeak. This new modality is based on Jensen’s groundbreaking research showing the ability of muscle response testing to help reveal what stresses our body and triggers our mind, and to find the truth of our mind-body experience.

Jensen will teach two courses next month: Muscle Response Testing, from 2 to 5 p.m., September 22, and HeartSpeak Level 1, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., September 23. Both courses will be held at Montgomery Integrative Health, in Wyndmoor.

In the Level 1 training, students will be introduced to a fast, safe and scientifically sound method of mastering emotions and softening triggers. “HeartSpeak allows anyone to access deep healing simply and effectively by changing the neuroplasticity of traumas and habits and how they affect our lives,” says Jensen.

Based on Jensen’s research at the University of Oxford, the muscle response testing workshop covers principles and procedures and provides a hands-on practicum where participants can learn the most effective ways to muscle test others, as well as themselves. No prior experience is necessary.

Jensen is a clinical researcher and a published author who holds a D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in evidence-based health care from the University of Oxford, in England. Her research is some of the first to demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of muscle response testing. In her private practice, she consults with clients from around the world.

Cost: $99 for Muscle Response Testing on Sept. 22; $269 for HeartSpeak Level 1 on Sept. 23; $299 for both days. Location: Montgomery Integrative Health, 1108 E. Willow Grove Ave., Wyndmoor. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

August 2017