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HeartSpeak: Unwind the Mind and Set the Heart Free

Aug 31, 2017 02:53PM

by Julie Vitto

Emotional stress can be related to all kinds of symptoms, including physical pain, digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and falling short of one’s potential. It can make life feel like a series of repeated mistakes, where longstanding issues make change feel nearly impossible to achieve. These roadblocks to understanding the mind-body continuum can widen the chasm between the “real” self and the self that’s on display.

Thankfully, Anne Jensen, Ph.D., developer of the new emotional healing and stress reduction tool known as HeartSpeak, has tapped into a solution for these issues and is excited to share results with the world. Jensen’s groundbreaking research at the University of Oxford shows that the non-invasive technique known as muscle response testing has the ability to help reveal what stresses the body and triggers the mind. Thus, finding the truth of an individual’s mind-body experience is well within reach.

During a HeartSpeak session, an experienced HeartSpeak practitioner will gently and safely guide the patient through unresolved feelings that trigger physical pains or undesired responses, all without the patient having to describe, explain or rationalize them. “Those skeletons in your closet remain strictly confidential. And best of all, you will feel untethered and finally free,” says Jensen.

HeartSpeak is a fast and friendly modality—it typically takes just one or two sessions to experience results, since it listens to and works with the heart and your feelings, rather than against them. Jensen describes the modality as “fear-busting”, helping to break old, fearful, futile patterns so that healthier, more expansive ones can quickly emerge.



“HeartSpeak uses the premise that there are two parts to the mind: the Logical Mind and the Feeling Mind,” Jensen explains. “Our Feeling Mind is often the seeker of ‘truth’ that is so often drowned by our Logical Mind. Yet being separated from your truth is one of the classic triggers of anxiety, depression and self-loathing.”


Jensen offers HeartSpeak courses and seminars online and around the world. This month, she will teach two courses at Montgomery Integrative Health Group, in Wyndmoor, introducing clients and practitioners alike to Muscle Response Testing, September 22, and HeartSpeak Level 1, September 23. No prior experience is necessary to attend.

“HeartSpeak teaches us to feel our way through the unresolved, emotional energies in a method that is taken at your own pace,” says Jensen. “You will do the feeling and you will determine the pace and depth of your body’s response.”

HeartSpeak allows anyone to access deep healing simply and effectively by changing the neuroplasticity of traumas and habits and how they affect individuals on a daily basis. “With the very specific use of Muscle Response Testing we can learn this evolutionary application of HeartSpeak to bypass the stories, concepts and constructs created in the Logical Mind, and uncover the truth of the Feeling Mind.”

Jensen is a clinical researcher and a published author who holds a D.Phil. (Ph.D.) in evidence-based health care from the University of Oxford, in England. Her research is some of the first to demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of muscle response testing in determining underlying issues of the mind-body complex. In her private practice, she consults with clients from around the world.

For more information, call 323-744-7374, email [email protected] or visit

Julie Vitto is a Pennsylvania-based writer and editorial associate to Natural Awakenings BuxMont. Connect at [email protected].

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