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Finding the Silver Lining in Grey Divorce

Aging with passion and purpose will often result in a re-evaluation of life, with a focus on making sure the future years are secure, healthy and, most importantly, happy. For an increasing number of older couples, this may mean a separation or divorce later in life.

In fact, divorce among older couples, or “Grey Divorce”, has become much more common. Family Law attorney Jennifer J. Riley explains that Grey Divorces require special attention and care because unique issues are often present. “The most common questions we answer for older clients involve the impact of a divorce on their retirement savings, or how divorce might impact their social security payments,” says Riley. “In a Grey Divorce, we need to safeguard health insurance and address long-term planning as part of the divorce process.”

Couples that are approaching retirement are often especially worried about the future, Riley says, adding, “It is important to address pensions, retirement savings plans and other savings as part of the process to ensure that divorced couples begin their new lives with a strong foundation.”

Couples divorcing later that have built a life together often tell Riley that they want to honor the other partner, despite needing to forge a new path. “We need to recognize the history of the family and proceed with the respect and dignity Grey Divorces deserve,” she says. “Couples who have spent decades building a life and family together deserve this.”

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September 2017

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