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Shirodhara Stress-Relieving Treatments: An Ayurvedic Approach

Neilson Company audience report that surveyed media usage during the first quarter of 2016 found that the average American spent nearly 75 hours per week in front of a screen. Experts are confident that the number is even higher as we head into 2018. The rapid pace of life overloads us constantly and shows up as heartburn, insomnia, anxiousness and forgetfulness. In light of widespread stress and anxiety, it is no wonder that the ancient mind-body healing system, ayurveda, has become so popular.

While many people are familiar with the various energetic dosha profiles, such as kappa, pitta and kappha, less know about a spa therapy called shirodhara (sheer-o-dar-a) that balances the overactive mind and calms the nervous system.

Shirodhara therapy involves pouring warm, herbal-infused oil over the forehead in a soothing rhythm, improving blood flow and circulation in the frontal lobes and allowing the nervous system to feel safe and cared for. The herbal oils soak into the skin and hair, removing impurities and leaving glowing hair and a clear complexion.

Shirodhara can also be highly customized. Before beginning services, a practitioner can interview clients to determine the right medicated oil for their unique imbalances. The table, itself, can be enhanced, as with a far-infrared amethyst BioMat to relax sore muscles and regenerate energy. Specialized massage can be incorporated into the treatment to achieve marma/dosha balancing, accessing the body’s energy points and unlocking spots that hold pain, fatigue and illness.

Starting the year off with an emotional health plan is the best way to decrease the harmful effects of stress and overstimulation. The renewed clarity, energy and attention that result from shirodhara therapy can help us accomplish daily tasks with greater ease and joy, with exquisite benefit to the self and to those around us.

Hillery Woods Siatkowski is owner of Roots & Wings Facilitating Healing, in Quakertown, which features ayurvedic spa therapies in a boutique wellness retreat. For more information, call 215-257-5025 or visit January 2018