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Fresh Starts for Wellness

Spring is generally associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. While new beginnings in nature, such as flowers emerging through the soil, happen with ease, when it comes to human behavior, fresh starts sometimes require more effort and attention. One area where it is worth cultivating new perspectives is health and wellness.

It’s easy for lifestyle habits—even good ones—to become stagnant. Healthy practices that were once helpful and effective may lose their impact over time, but because they have become habitual, comfortable or programmed behaviors, we find it difficult to make a change; it may even be challenging to recognize the need for a new outlook. Identifying the gap between current behaviors and desired results can be a positive step towards growth. Taking an active, deliberate approach toward achieving those results—as opposed to avoiding the issue—can help stagnant energy begin to flow.

Change can also flourish through out-of-the-box or unconventional thinking. The popular or common path may not be appropriate for every individual’s wellness journey. A fresh start might include learning about the body’s systems or exploring different holistic practices. Adopting a non-judgmental, curious and courageous attitude may uncover complementary modalities that foster noticeable and exciting changes in wellness.

Nature has a mysterious way of moving through its perpetual life cycle season after season, but even the sturdiest trees and most beautiful gardens need some loving attention now and then to keep them flourishing at their finest.

Christine Tentilucci is the marketing manager at Inner Spa, 4 Terry Dr., #12, Newtown. For more information, call 215-968-9000 or visit April 2018