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Horses and Healing Offered by Doylestown Resident

Joan Summers, owner of Step into Joy Healing Arts, has combined gestalt methodology with her intuitive ability, offering a unique healing experience.

An intuitive reiki master, Summers is also a gestalt life coach who is certified in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM). Graduates of the EGCM certification program are well-trained, having completed a minimum of 24 months of curriculum, along with multiple workshops and private coaching sessions.

The word “gestalt” can be translated as “wholeness”. It is an experiential process that connects the mental, physical and emotional body at its point of origin. This holistic approach allows the release of mental, physical and emotional pain.

Horses can play an important role in this connection. “A horse’s essential gift is its willingness and ability to heal our broken hearts and fractured spirits, restoring our connection to our authentic selves,” Summers explains. A lack of familiarity with, or a fear of, horses needn’t hinder sessions, since clients remain on the ground and can choose to be near the horse or at a distance.

Summers serves clients that are trauma-impacted, or are experiencing PTSD, anxiety, feeling stuck, grief or low self-esteem, and are needing connection and purpose.

“Coaching is a partnership between coach and client,” says Summers. “Like horses, I do not have an agenda, and I am always amazed at the trust this process generates.”
Gestalt coaching sessions with or without the presence of a horse average one to two hours. Summers offers combination sessions that include intuitive reiki and coaching, as well as reiki sessions. Phone sessions are available.

For more information, call 267-272-9343, email [email protected] or visit May 2018