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Comprehensive Micronutrient Analysis Appointments in Yardley

As part of his commitment to women’s health at every stage, Dr. Paul Bizzaro, DC, is offering SpectraCell micronutrient and hormone testing from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., May 16, at his office in Yardley.

Many women continue to suffer from weight gain, fatigue and mood disorders despite following an optimal diet and supplement regimen. The cause may be due to deficiencies on a deeper chemical level, yet rarely is this checked in routine medical care.

SpectraCell’s comprehensive micronutrient analysis assesses the levels of 31 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids that play a critical role in overall health and prevention of degenerative processes, such as cancer, arthritis and cardiovascular disease. In addition, micronutrients profoundly affect hormone health, so evaluating hormone and thyroid levels helps provide a more thorough analysis of one’s health status.

“Juggling today’s busy lifestyles can be physically taxing,” says Bizzaro. “Micronutrient and hormone testing may provide the key to unlocking your true health potential.”
Cost: $88-$390. Location: 81 S. Main St., Yardley. Call 215-493-6589 by May 14 to schedule an appointment. May 2018
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