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Local Yoga: Cooling Pregnancy Yoga to Beat the Heat

During pregnancy, it can be challenging to stay cool in the summer months. Even women who love the feeling of the sun shining down on them need to retreat for shade so as not to overheat. The following list of yoga tips are geared toward pregnancy but can be enjoyed by anyone to beat the summer heat. 

Wall Downward Dog:

All forward folds can be soothing and cooling for the mind and body. This variation of downward facing dog is ideal for pregnant women, as it takes pressure off of the spine and sciatic nerve. Press your hands onto a wall as you walk your legs back until your body makes a right angle. Reach and stretch from the crown of your head and arms, through your entire spine, all the way down into your feet. Enjoy the muscular release and remain for as long as you like. When finished, keep your hands on the wall for balance, and stand up slowly.

Sitkari Breathing Variation:

When dogs want to cool off, they breathe through their mouths to cool their tongues. Similarly, Sitkari breathing cools the tongue to bring down body temperature. This variation to Sitkari breath work can be helpful when feeling physically or emotionally overheated. Make a small circle with your lips, and inhale as if breathing through tiny straw. Direct the air onto your tongue and avoid your teeth. Rest your cooled tongue to the roof of your mouth and breathe out through your nose. Take breaks when needed and continue until you feel a shift in body temperature. This breath work can also be helpful during labor and delivery.

Water Meditation:

Daily meditations to the sounds of water can cool the body through the power of suggestion. There are many apps available for download, including the White Noise App, which offers the sounds of rain showers, running water and ocean waves. Sit comfortably, pop in your ear buds, listen and be still for 10 to 20 minutes. Use imagery of this cool water washing over and refreshing you. This can be soothing for both mom and baby.

Water with Lime and Ginger:

Adding lime to your water will assist in keeping the brain hydrated, in addition to providing the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. To ward off nausea and headaches in the first trimester of pregnancy, try adding fresh ginger. Boil the juice from two fresh limes and a three-inch piece of minced ginger for 15 minutes. Strain, and store this mixture in the fridge to add to your sparkling or filtered water. Add honey or mint leaves for taste. Delicious and refreshing!

Rosie Lazroe is a certified yoga teacher and master reiki practitioner. For more information, you can contact her at 732-596-7384, or visit

August 2018