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Health in Spirit - Coping with the Emotional Toll of Childhood Chronic Illness

by Elizabeth Joyce

The child that is diagnosed with a serious and chronic medical illness has a high risk for developing emotional problems. The way children react to their diagnosis can depend on several factors, including the child’s personality and the specific illness. Some experts claim that big factors are the child’s developmental stage, as well as their order of birth. However, there is another factor that needs to be recognized, and that is their interaction with their parents, caretakers and family members. 

If there is a family breakdown of structure, a child learns how to manipulate others, to distrust them and to take rather than give. Children learn competition and control, pushing others back to gain the lead, and they become unaware of their underlying sense of disconnection to each other and to spirit. A child can even begin using their chronic illness as a tool, something to use to get sympathy or to feel special.

Children long for inner certainty and hunger to know that nothing, absolutely nothing, can make their parents stop loving them. If their house is filled with dishonesty, secrecy, disobedience and wrongdoing, this can aggravate the illness. If there is little sharing or joy, with obedience enforced through corporal punishment and fear, this can make matters worse and perhaps even trigger another form of chronic illness. However, the lessons learned through honoring nature and working with the heart while growing up have been found to be a “cure” to help with any illness or disability problem.

When this is recognized and practiced, children will stop “needing” to have a chronic illness and learn to be a shining, active part of the family unit. In that way their inner talents will be brought forth, and they will learn respect, honor and acceptance, both of themselves and others, no matter what the problem is. With discipline, spiritual awareness, honesty, trust and caring, our children can grow to be fabulous, intelligent human beings.

Elizabeth Joyce is an internationally respected speaker, psychic, energetic healer and author. She is based in Doylestown. For more information, call 215-996-0646, email [email protected] or visit October 2018