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InLife Holistic and Spiritual Expo Launches in Doylestown

Readers are invited to experience the positive, healthy energy at InLife Holistic and Spiritual Expo, being held from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., December 1, at Fireside Hall at the Plumpsteadville Fire Company, in Doylestown. Admission is free, and parking is both easy and ample. 

Sponsored by Tina’s Natural Products, from Pipersville, the expo’s focus is on broader wellness that includes the seven principles of wholeness: social, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental and spiritual. Attendees can experience something new, such as reiki, reflexology or massage; try natural products for mind, emotion, spirit and body; or seek guidance from an intuitive reader, angel guide reader or life coach. Crystals, beautiful handmade jewelry and other unique products will be available, along with companionship and connections with other positive, like-minded people.

“The InLife Holistic and Spiritual Expo is a fun way to learn more about healthy, holistic lifestyles, spiritual development, natural products and services for a healthier you,” says expo organizer Tina Frazier. “Many among us are experiencing stagnant, or lacking, dimensions of wellness and aren’t even aware of it. Maybe we’ve been feeling anxious, unhappy or out of balance, or perhaps drained of energy and feeling a need to recharge. An imbalance or lacking may be the cause of simple-to-chronic physical and emotional issues. This expo offers opportunities for a new approach, a change in the way we view ourselves, others and the experiences in our lives. When these dimensions are activated from a healthy perspective and combined with other balanced dimensions of wellness, we will see change occur—wholeness. This simple shift may be all each of us needs to transform our lives for the better.”
Frazier is owner of Tina’s Natural Products, formulator and manufacturer of healthy products for emotion, mind and spiritual wellbeing. Frazier has been traveling and attending expos as a vendor for four years with her products. “I felt the time was right to focus on bringing awareness of healthy services and products to the local area,” she explains. “What better way to do that than with a fun, positive energy expo that focuses on the principles of wholeness?”

Location: 5064 Stump Rd., Doylestown. For more information visit On Facebook: @InLifeExpo. November 2018