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Teen Voices: Help Build a Kinder World, One Person at a Time

by Hannah Adamson

Uplifting humanity can start with lifting up just one person. Recently it seems that negativity has been inundating the news through violence, hate and tragedy. While we may not be able to immediately correct these major issues, as individuals we do have the power to spread positivity to those we meet. Simple acts of kindness contribute to the ripple effect that builds a better world. Here are some quick and easy ideas of how to spread positivity: 

Simple Acts. Hold the door for some-one or send someone a smile. While these simple acts may seem cliché, they can be enough to lighten someone’s day and encourage them to do the same for someone else.

Bring Cheer. If you notice a friend or family member is going through a difficult time or just having a bad day, do something to cheer them up—bring them their favorite food, visit with them for a few minutes, listen to them, take them out for a change of scenery. Even if you are unable to make their worries go away, they will know you care, which will mean a lot.

Volunteer. Many school groups need volunteers for community service projects. Find a way to become involved, even if it is just for a few hours. Not only will it help someone in need, it will likely make you feel good to go out of your way to give back.

Compliment. Although many people show smiling faces, they are not always feeling happy. By giving someone a compliment, you can give them a real reason to smile.

Share What You Like. Write down all the traits you like about someone, and give it to them. Parents, this is a great way to build your teen’s confidence and show them how much you care for them. Teens, it’s a way for us to remind our parents how grateful we are for them.

Surprise Notes. Leave positive notes and motivational quotes for others to find. Whether you leave a sticky note on a mirror, put a slip of paper in a library book or drop a card in the mail, happy messages are a welcome surprise.

It is important to be mindful of the ways in which our actions influence those around us. By consciously sharing kindness with others, even in little ways, we are fostering a more compassionate world. For more ideas, visit

Hannah Adamson is a senior in high school. She practices meditation and takes Theta-Healing courses with Reshma Shah in Westfield, New Jersey. December 2018

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