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Creating a More Successful Self: George Bien Discusses Hypnotic Influence

Dec 02, 2018 02:06PM
by Melanie Rankin

Award-winning hypnotherapist George Bien, Ph.D., has been helping people through hypnosis for more than 30 years. He is presently the principal trainer for the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT). He recently relocated from New York and is providing individual and group hypnosis, as well as training and certification services, in and around Perkasie. 

We’ve all heard of using hypnosis for curbing bad habits and losing weight, but what do you mean by having “hypnotic influence”?

A 1996 study conducted by the Carnegie Foundation and Harvard and Stanford universities showed that only 15 percent of a person’s success in a job could be ascribed to their professional competencies. 85 percent of their success was related to their personal and individual competencies. These are at the very core of who they are—their appeal, charm, allure—often called charisma.

Each of us is a role-model, in the sense that we are modeling a role for others to follow, and people respond in kind. Exuding a presence that portrays invitation engages people to feel a level of comfort that gives them permission to truly be themselves. Imagine yourself as a “living magnet”, extending throughout the area that you are in, and literally pulling others towards you—influencing them hypnotically.

What makes a person hypnotically charismatic?

We all unconsciously send out a silent message to others, and it’s the other person that allows themselves to feel attracted to the captivating individual. You can influence their receptivity. Do you exude a comfort of looking (not staring) people right in their eyes, or do you avoid eye contact because you feel that it might appear confrontational, or because you personally feel uncomfortable with it? Many people stare more at their shoes than look at the person they are addressing. Do you smile naturally, or is your smile forced? How about the way you shake hands or hug? Do your gestures reflect approachability? These can all shape your silent message, your image, your charisma and your hypnotic influence.

What exactly am I working on when I am improving my personal charisma?

There are at least four levels that one goes through in any communication, and each area can be worked on to improve charisma.

  1. Content, or the “what”: Do I know my subject? Do I know what to say next? Can I easily move from one idea to another? Are my responses unconscious and automatic?
  2. Process, or the “how”: It is to what one usually pays attention. This should flow from you without evaluation.
  3. Perception and timing, or the “when”: These are the insights, awareness, cognizance and understanding.
  4. Permission, which is the ultimate level, the level of receptivity: To what degree am I receptive? Is my mind accessible? Can it be reached and influenced?
Using this model, your success in communicating is measured by the level of permission you are able to obtain from a person or group. How open are they to you? Are they malleable? Have they let down their guards? If not, ask yourself, “Have I let down my guard?”

That sounds complicated.

Not at all. It amazes me how many people are living lives by chance rather than by choice—by default rather than by design. There are basically only two questions we really need to answer in terms of getting what we want: 1) what do I want? and 2) what stops me from getting it?

How do we realize the answers to those two questions?

I have a series of questions I provide to clients to help them determine where they are and where they want to go. A self-evaluation will help clarify goals, and goal-driven hypnosis sessions are the most effective.

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