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Making Family Resolutions That Last

by Beth Ceccarelli

Making resolutions as a family unit can help motivate us to stick with our changes all year long, plus it allows time for bonding. Here are four easy and fun resolution ideas to get started:

Experiment with produce. Plan a family trip to the local supermarket and explore the produce department. Let the kids choose a new fruit or vegetable that they’ve never tried before. For kid-friendly fruit ideas, try star fruit, kiwi and blackberries. For vegetables that will capture the attention of even the fussiest eater, try purple cauliflower, sugar snap peas and mini sweet peppers. 

Make ingredient swaps together. Make a “swap plan” for the new year to trade less healthy products for healthier versions. Start by switching to whole-grain bread, 1 percent or skim milk, leaner cuts of meat or unsweetened beverages. Start slowly and make one swap each week. Here are some more ideas:

  • Try quinoa or brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Serve plain oatmeal with fresh or dried fruit and nuts instead of pre-sweetened oatmeal.
  • Prepare whole-grain pasta instead of white pasta.
  • Enjoy low-fat frozen yogurt instead of regular ice cream.
  • Snack on fat-free popcorn instead of full-fat versions or other fried snacks.
Start a family recipe challenge. Challenge family members to create their own healthy meal ideas. Each week, have one family member (kids included) choose a healthy meal of their choice, then shop for the ingredients and prepare the meal together. Most kids enjoy the process of cooking and aren’t afraid to “get their hands dirty” when it comes to making a meal. When everyone is involved, kids are more likely to eat and try new foods. Plus, this is a great opportunity to bond and enjoy a family meal together.

Reduce screen time and fit in fun. “Screen time” is considered time spent in front of any screen—cell phones, tablets, computers, televisions or video game monitors. This year, create a family fun challenge to dedicate time every day to be completely screen-free. Use this time to get active as a family and focus on fitness and fun. Try things like yoga, bike riding, skating or even dancing. Choose something the family loves, and do it together.

For more family resolution ideas, visit the office of a local ShopRite dietitian. Office locations are conveniently listed at January 2019