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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Natural Awakenings BuxMont Launches New Community Website

Natural Awakenings has unveiled a brand-new, comprehensive online hub for all things healthy and sustainable in the BuxMont area. Partnering with the Locable Publisher Network, a software company that works exclusively with local publications like Natural Awakenings, the new website has many exciting features for readers and advertisers alike. 

The enhanced online calendar will make it easy to share events and discover local happenings in the community. Business owners can list their natural health and eco-friendly products or services for visitors to discover in the new searchable directory. There are opportunities for advertisers to increase their online reach through a community sponsorship, featured event listings, display advertisements and more. Also, the articles and sections that readers have grown to love can be easily found and shared through the new website.

“Excited and anxious are understatements when looking at the growth potential our new web presence brings us and our community. The ability to share content we have been collecting over 25 years coupled with the local editorial is fueling my excitement,” states Publisher Joe Dunne. “Local directories, free listings, contest and social media linking are but a small part of our new and exciting energies. I hope to make a must to visit.”

For more information, visit If you are interested in digital advertising opportunities with certain online placements available on a first-come, first-serve basis, contact Joe Dunne at 908-405-1515 October 2019.