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Heart Of Oneness Holistic Expo March 27-29, 2020 At New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center

Allow Us to Invite You to the Collective Community that is 

Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo

March 27-29, 2020 • New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center 

The Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo is a New Jersey based event committed to the expansion and conscious evolution of the new human potential.

Our intention and commitment at the Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo is to provide you with the best experience we possibly can whether you are participating or attending one of these collective events. We understand and value the importance of your time and offerings and believe wholeheartedly that true community is about connecting lives far and wide on all levels so that Inspiration, Growth and Transformation occurs for everyone. 

It is within this heart of knowing that we excitedly and proudly announce the next upcoming Expo taking place on March 27-29,2020 at the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center. 

The NJ Convention center is located in Edison which is the geographic heart of the Northeast. This centralized location provides the opportunity to reach 6.4 million potential attendees within a 30-mile radius. The Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo is truly honored to be amongst the many events that are hosted there, and we are thrilled to begin this expansive vision with them and you. 

Our commitment to ensuring the success of this co-creative event is our main focal point and heart vision for both Exhibitors and Attendees as we are dedicated to an extensive advertising campaign including but not limited to both electronic and print billboards, social media and expansive print ads. We excitedly expect 5,000 plus in attendance based on a full and robust advertising commitment at New Jersey’s premier exhibition center. Current floor plans have accommodations for up to 100+ Exhibitors and we are 1/3 of the way to being fully committed. 

It’s with a full heart that we invite you to co-create this gateway of connection and unified purpose that serves the greater good for all. 

Exhibitor Registration is now open and accepting all applications for the Edison Expo. 

Kindly visit our website at

Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo - start Mar 28 2020 1000AM

Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo - start: Mar 28, 2020 10:00AM

Heart of Oneness Holistic Expo March 27-29thFri 5pm-6pm • Sat 10am-7pm • Sun 10am-5pmHeart of Oneness Holistic Expo is a collective event dedicated to Wellness, Spiritual Growth and the C... Read More » 


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