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Essential Skincare for Teens

 When I think back to my own time as a teenager, I remember a vivid change in the way I approached treating myself. There is a time when things begin to shift mentally as an adolescent. It seems to be at the onset of puberty when you start to pay attention to your reflection as you stare into a mirror. I grew up watching my mother use beautifully filled opalescent bottles of what seemed like magical potions for the skin and body. The idea of self-care is something I found intriguing at such a young age. One of my favorite magazines at that time was teen vogue. There were endless pages of tips and tricks to achieve that glowing complexion. Although I was not entirely sure of what to prioritize first.  The skin changes I noticed within myself were far from what was being publicized. 

With the latest surge in world events, teens especially have dealt with a rise in anxiety, uncertainty and social turmoil. This is just an addition to the already shifting hormone cycle. Mood swings, emotions and physical appearance will slowly take a turning point at this time.  A majority of teens (about 85 percent) will experience acne, excessive sebum production and irritation. Research has shown that the onset of hormonal skin concerns may begin far earlier than we can imagine. Physicians have found that this is a direct result of an earlier presence of adrenarche, otherwise known as the “awakening of the adrenal glands.”  Not all teens will experience such drastic issues. There is often a link between genetics and the progression of skin conditions. We cannot fight what mother nature intended. Although we can implement ways to support the skin, regardless of what is happening above and beneath the surface. 


Milk and dairy are one of the leading causes in hormonal skin issues. Dairy is mucus forming and in general difficult for the body to digest. There are some amazing plant-based milks on the market. Almond, oat, and coconut are some great examples. Turmeric lattes are super tasty and most of the time are blended with a plant-based milk. Zinc, magnesium and vitamin A are essential in the healing process of all acne stages. Anti inflammatory foods such as berries, hummus, pickled veggies and sweet potatoes can be a healthy snack substitute. 

Choosing the right products and treatments:

Most teens think the first step in clearing acne or blackheads is to dry them out as much as possible. This will only perpetuate the problem further. This will strip the skin of its natural oils and in turn, more oil will be produced. Effective cleansing with a gentle gel wash both morning and night is key. Followed by a targeted spot treatment for those deep and stubborn papules. These usually contain salicylic acid and lavender. A combination of antibacterial and calming properties. Apply a light moisturizer to prevent irritation and dryness. 

Teen facials can be incorporated every 4-8 weeks for a deep clean and lymphatic draining facial massage. With the constant use of electronics and computers in their lives, this can be an inviting experience to engage the senses with a refreshing timeout from those things to nourish the skin. During the session, a licensed esthetician will cleanse, exfoliate, and extract any stubborn blackheads that are at the surface. The latter part of the session is ideal for education on proper product and lifestyle habits. Most skincare professionals can tailor any facial and make it specific to the teenagers needs.  A spa day with your teen can create a comfortable environment and allow for bonding time that is beneficial to both of you. 

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