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Effortless Skincare Guide for Men

May 19, 2021 10:04PM ● By Janine Devanney

Natural and effective grooming reflects the image a man has of himself and how he projects himself out into the world. I used to watch my dad growing up and his routine consisted of three basic concepts: Shaving cream, the popular 90’s cologne by Acqua di Gio and a bright colored tie. Or my grandfather who basically combed his hair, put on his construction boots and a plaid shirt to begin his day. Skincare was always a topic lumped into the feminine realm. The second half of the 21st century has come a far way in recognizing the evolution of men and their appearance. Men have ushered in a new era that embraces naturally attractive skin and self-care. 

There are many structural differences between male and female skin types. Testosterone stimulation creates an increase in thickness, which accounts for why a man’s skin is 25% thicker than females. They produce more oil and collagen but tend to have a larger pore and follicular size because of their exposure to shaving. In turn, razors create added friction and stress to the skin. Melanoma is also more prominent in men then any other cancer. Prevention and a simplified routine can maintain the health and integrity of the skin.  A healthy complexion lays the groundwork for a clean smooth shave and the confidence needed to take on the extremities of the world. 

Some simple steps to remember:

  • Start incorporating anti-aging skin care products. A simple cleanser and moisturizer can go a long way. Both products should be used twice a day. This will help get rid of unnecessary sebum and debris on the skin. Moisturizing will keep hydration and ph levels balanced. Look for products with natural effective ingredients such as blue cypress oil, chamomile, cucumber extract and vitamin B5. 

  • Shave with caution. Always be sure to apply shaving cream as this can lessen irritation and folliculitis. Never shave with water alone. 

  • COQ10 is a vitamin that shields your skin from environmental damage and strengthens blood capillary walls. This is a wonderful cardiovascular and immune boosting supplement that you can take daily along with a men’s multi vitamin. 

  • Always use a zinc or titanium dioxide SPF. These are safer for sensitive skin, provides more protection than chemically based sunscreens, and will not clog pores. 

  • Sometimes cologne can create reactions due to artificial fragrances. Blending your own cologne is a great natural alternative with so many natural plant extracts to choose from. Oils such as frankincense, clove, cedarwood, black pepper, sandalwood and ginger are just a few woodsy, spicy scents that blend well together. Remember to dilute your oils with either a hydrosol or carrier oil. 

  • A beard or mustache can add more strength to the features of the face. Shorter beards can benefit from a hydrating balm, while longer thicker beards benefit from an oil to keep it well conditioned. 

  • Gentleman focused facials once a month can revive and rejuvenate skin at a deeper level. This is a time where you can relax, decompress and be present. 

After building your canvas and getting used to your new self-care regimen, you can further enhance your product usage, health habits and treatment schedule once you are comfortable. 

Janine Devanney, Holistic Esthetician, founder of Nine to Nourish by Janine 

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