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Lisa Childs was struggling with day to day living. She had difficulty focusing, poor reading comprehension, brain fog, cognitive loss, memory loss plus she could no longer spell many words. And she slept 14 hours a day from the effects of radiation. The diagnosis of chemo brain was shocking, however, she was confident there was a way to heal her brain naturally. But let’s start at the beginning.

Childs embraced a holistic approach to health and healing early in life. She ate a healthy diet, barely had any sugar and was rarely sick although she did experience some thyroid issues. She taught her mother, who had cancer, how to eat healthy and her mother lived 14 years despite an 18-month prognosis (with medical treatment). Then, in 2008, Lisa got Lyme disease. She took an antibiotic, not knowing what else to do. The next year, her husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Their twins were only 7 years old, and life suddenly got very intense. Providentially, she found the Well of Life Center, which focuses on the body’s ability to heal itself. An incredible healing and learning journey was about to begin.

Using an “all of the above” approach, her husband included the Well in his health care regimen, and began to feel much better despite the effects of chemo. In fact, he claimed that he felt better than he did before diagnosis and was still an active Dad! In one year all of his original tumors were gone, something his oncologist stated was unheard of. Indeed, it seemed miraculous.

Sadly, after two good quality years, his 30-year-old daughter died in a car crash. He was devastated and plunged into grief. Soon after they learned that cancer had gone into his brain. After whole brain radiation, he quickly passed away. 

It was a decade of traumas and enormous stress. Stress plays a huge role in our health. In 2017, life threw another huge curve ball; Childs got a cancer diagnosis. Once again, she approached cancer with a can-do attitude. Being empowered by the Well, she was truly never afraid of cancer; instead she could contribute to her own healing. Unfortunately, five months later she found a tick and a second case of Lyme and also Bartonella exploded into her life. Lisa responded holistically, avoided antibiotics, and got rid of that dangerous duo. Sadly, the cancer grew due to weakening of her immune system. She chose to add in medical treatment. Now the focus shifted to healing through and from the medical treatment. 

Before and after treatment, Child’s used the Well’s awesome modalities: supplements determined by ART muscle testing (key to healing and fighting pathogens and toxins), detox, liver cleanses, ionic footbaths, infrared saunas, reflexology, lymphatic massage and more. She also had hyperbaric oxygen treatments at a wound center for radiation damage. 

Now, Childs is cancer free, nearly five years post treatment. On her end, hard work, prayer, optimism, faith and hope all played a huge role. “Without treatment and the Well of Life, I would not be alive today,” says Childs. Again, an all of the above approach. 

Next up—addressing chemo brain and cognitive function. Through online searches,
Childs discovered Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique (BIT). During the initial BIT assessment, she failed the task of hearing numbers and repeating them backwards. Her mind was completely blank. After BIT, she readily did those tasks and much more. Brain function had returned. She was thrilled at the clear success of the technique. Today, she is able to do both technical publication work and also BIT as a Certified Crossinology® BIT practitioner at the Well of Life Center.

Receiving a second chance, Childs’ passion is to help others with chemo brain, trauma, learning difficulties, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, anxiety and more. She loves giving hope and healing; a true joy. The cutting edge work of BIT complements the blessing of the Well of Life. “It’s astounding how a cancer journey can lead to doing beautiful work in a healing environment,” exclaims Childs. “Miracles do happen! Chemo brain—gone—thank you!”

Well of Life is located at 201 Farm Lane in Doylestown. For information, call 215-340-3930 or visit See ad, page 17.