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Belief Changes Everything

Oct 02, 2023 08:10PM ● By Joe Dunne

I am sitting at a place of peace and quiet on a crispy, bright, cloud-free Sunday morning enjoying the warm comfort of tranquility. Stillness, quiet and gratitude fills me. Paying attention, self-care and some common sense have rewarded me with a sense of clarity—to feel part of and connected to this snapshot of time. Living in the moment, as they say, is a special feeling. 

How did I get here, I ask myself. How can I feel so connected now when so much of my past life was dysfunctional? Contentment was a word I never had the option to understand. So, how can I now feel so contented, worry-free and empowered? Right now… right here… in this moment?  

Naturally, I don’t have all the answers. I wish I could share in detail what happened to reach this point. It’s true that I have spent a lifetime trying to figure out happiness, acceptance and all the good stuff. I have read books, watched YouTube, attended a variety of seminars to understand how contentment is achieved. The education I have sought throughout my life has offered wisdom to be learned, spiritual knowledge to be gathered and contributed much to my own mental practices.

Yes, I have worked for this. Yet, in this moment, it feels like a miracle. Early on in life I found a bottom that was without hope. Then, small miracle after small miracle happened. Events, people and messages of hope appeared. Hope grew into believing and everything changed. I started to understand that my life was my responsibility, that I could achieve what I never thought I could, that contentment was possible if I committed to the practice of believing. 

I am nothing special. I am not what you would consider to be a high achiever in the traditional sense. I am no different than anyone else, and that is why I feel gratitude. I am a big believer that every one of us has a talent waiting to be tapped into. Feeling present in the moment is a dream that I encourage everyone to pursue—it is empowering, freeing and so rewarding.

I wish I could live fully in every moment, but I can’t. There is no monastery or cave in the hills, living in silence, for me. I live in New Jersey where there is noise, distraction, along with all the business and personal life experiences. What I can do is stay diligent in my practice, beliefs and needs, to take responsibility for my self-care. I wish everyone joy in their life, and to believe that you can reach deep and achieve your dreams. 

With peace, love and laughter,

Joe Dunne, Publisher