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EZLifescan Offers Thermography in a Comfortable Setting

by Michelle Bense

EZLifescan was founded by Dr. Jo Ellen Halteman, a chiropractor in search of a safer, healthier method to monitor her own breast health—ideally one free of radiation and compression. Her answer came when she found medical Digital Thermal Imaging (DITI)—a safe and accurate screening tool with no physical contact, no pain and no side effects to the rest of the body.

DITI, commonly known as thermography, is 100 percent pain-free, 100 percent radiation-free, and includes no compression or hazardous side effects. It has been recognized as an invaluable diagnostic tool for the past 20 years.

Halteman, who no longer works in the practice, but is still a co-owner, found thermography to be a good tool for assisting in the evaluation, diagnosis, monitoring and documentation of a large number of injuries and conditions. When she created EZLifescan, it was with the goal of being a proactive healthcare resource. They use only the most current software and FDA-registered and approved infrared technology, designed and manufactured specifically for medical application.

Stephanie Brown, Certified Clinical Thermographer, is the lead thermographer at EZLifescan, and is passionate about educating women on the numerous benefits that thermography has to offer. “We strive to keep cost lower than anyone else doing this to make it affordable for as many women as possible,” says Brown.

It can take eight to 10 years for a tumor to develop large enough to appear on a mammogram, the traditional method of breast screening. Thermography is able to detect potentially life-threatening changes in breast tissue eight to 10 years earlier than the traditional mammograms—at the very start of abnormal tissue formation.

To start on the road to optimal breast health monitoring, a baseline must first be established. “We establish a baseline with two scans, 90 days apart,” explains Brown. “Everyone’s thermal print is unique. We need to establish each patient’s ‘normal.’ Once your baseline has been established as stable, annual scans are recommended.” With the baseline to work from, thermographers are better able to detect the slightest of abnormalities in the breast tissue during yearly scans.

At EZLifescan, the focus is on creating a personal, kind and compassionate atmosphere in which patients can relax and feel at ease during their appointment. “There is no rushing. We take our time and we love answering questions,” assures Brown.

The thermographers at EZLifescan encourage the involvement of each patient’s family doctor or health care professional, and work to provide the patients and their doctors with copies of the results. No referrals are needed to get thermography screenings at EZLifescan, and they are currently offering a $25 discount on the price of an initial scan, or on the price of a package of baseline scans. After a patient’s baseline is established, an annual breast screening costs only $175.

All thermographers at EZLifescan have been clinically certified, and results are reviewed and interpreted by board-certified M.D. Thermologists. Patients receive a copy of the report, complete with all color thermographic images, and the interpreting doctor’s objective opinion and recommendations, if relevant. EZLifescan is a member of the American College of Clinical Thermography and the American Medical Thermology Society.

As far as the future is concerned, Brown simply hopes to “help as many women as possible with monitoring their health—specifically breast health.” In addition to breast scans, EZLifescan offers half-body and full-body scans.

“Don’t wait until you have a problem or concerns to establish a breast baseline,” urges Brown. “Don’t put off your own health and wellness.”

EZLifescan is located at 1808 Swamp Pike, Suite 200, in Gilbertsville. For more information, call 484-624-5410, email [email protected] or visit

Michelle Bense is a writer and editor for Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect with her at [email protected]. September 2015.

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