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Natural Awakenings Bucks and Montgomery Counties PA

Letter from the Publisher, February 2016

Hello, fellow February dwellers! It’s that time when temperatures drop to shudder-worthy lows and “wintry mix” coats the streets. It’s spectacular snow days, snowman-making and ice skating—not to mention shoveling, salting, skidding, and shivering!

It’s a time to go inside, literally and metaphorically, to retreat to the cozy corners of our couches and desks and hibernate with our thoughts, ideas and dreams. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is associated with the element of water. To contain our energy within ourselves is to stand in the energy of the Water element.

Valentine’s Day brings in a burst of “yang” energy to the “yin” of slow-moving winter. If you’re so inclined, to feel the heat this year, indulge your partner with a bottle of antioxidant-rich red wine, a box of fair-trade dark chocolate or something special from a local retailer.

If romance isn’t in your plans, give Cupid the day off and fall in love with yourself instead. The contained energy of winter offers a great space to focus on self-care, and this issue of Natural Awakenings features plenty of ways to reconnect with your inner energy and cultivate vitality even as winter rages. Make time for a restorative yoga class or attend a seminar on winter wellness. Schedule a visit with a holistic dentist or a colon hydrotherapist. Get an adjustment from your chiropractor or a massage, reiki or other energy work session.

When it’s time for exercise, ignite a spark by exploring and celebrating the energy of conscious dance. Inside, you’ll find several options that will inspire you to get moving, whether you are coupled up or a solo act.

However you should choose to focus your time this winter, we’ve designed what’s in this issue to help to fortify and nourish you until the thaw.

With you in awakening,


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