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PMS, Allergies and Energy Medicine: Understanding the Connections that Lead to Healing

by Lisa Rhodes

During an allergic response to a substance—be it food, dust, pollen, animal hair or body tissue, as with autoimmune disease—it may seem logical to perceive the substance as the culprit. However, if the substance were the culprit, everyone would have reactions to the same things, as is the case with substances that are considered toxic.

The real reason we have allergies, sensitivities or other adverse reactions (such as terrible symptoms of PMS) is a result of confusion within the body’s control system. The problem lies in an immune system that erroneously perceives that a substance is causing it harm. This confusion can extend to any substance, including foods that are nutritious and healthy, everyday environmental exposures and even the body’s own chemistry.

Menstrual symptoms, menstrual irregularity and fertility issues may be examples of a sensitivity to the body’s own hormones. When the body unconsciously perceives a hormone as harmful, and rejects it, the function of that hormone is compromised, resulting in hormonal imbalances.

One technique that can be used to address this dysregulation is NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). This effective, noninvasive therapy is based upon a blending of modern medical theory and informational or energetic medicine that helps the body’s control systems to operate according to a more efficient set of instructions. Most people that receive NMT feel relief from symptoms in just a few sessions.

This style of energetic medicine is useful in addressing many challenges causing dysregulation and its resulting symptoms, or to simply optimize wellness by preventing the dysregulation from occurring. While the body has an innate capacity to heal, education and early intervention are crucial to living the best life possible, no matter what time of the month it is.

CRG_IntegrativeHealthCare-LisaRhodes_0517Lisa Rhodes is a doctor of podiatric medicine and a licensed acupuncturist at Integrative Health Care, in Fountainville. For more information, call 215-230-4600 or visit

May 2017